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Denis Brogniart: discover his wife!


It all started 17 years ago, between Denis and Hortense. It was in 2003: “We first met LCI in 2003, where she was editor. She likes to travel, I too, we talk about our respective stays in Costa Rica, she wants to move… So I suggest that she join the Koh-Lanta team “, he says.

He continues his very touching story, full of romance: “We are going to Panama and the magic of love works! In the eyes of Hortense, it did not give a damn, barely arrived in the team, put with the host! We hid during three-quarters of the shoot, only my assistant was aware. “

They then have three children, Lili, Violette and Blanche. Hortense steers clear of the media and puts his family first. She raises their three daughters and opts for a professional retraining, by embarking on taxidermy. “Hortense does not have a groupie soul, she does not care about the lights of television and the notoriety,” explains Denis.