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Edamame or tempeh which actually offer a lot of protein and other health benefits food number four


Like soy lecithin or soy protein isolate but if you want to get the health benefits from soy you really need to eat it in this state it’s minimally processed or most natural state the only other healthy source of soy is tempeh which is a fermented tofu product that you can find right next to the tofu in your grocery store so when it comes to eating soy I know this is a big issue I get lots of questions about soy and the live chat but I think it’s really important to understand the difference between processed soy ingredients like when you see soy on an ingredient list or having a more natural source of soy.

Like edamame or tempeh which actually offer a lot of protein and other health benefits food number four is keen it kind of looks like Quinnie wa-now quinoa is actually a seed it’s not a grain although it’s often considered among the other whole grains like brown rice and I have some brown rice here to show you as well so quinoa is a great replacement for your other high carb foods so certainly when we’re talking about bread and tortillas and other things made with white flour you really want to remove those things from your diet.

If you can replace those things with a whole grain or with quinoa then you’re going to really be doing your health and your waistline a big favor so in addition to being a great source of protein quinoa also gives us lots of flavonoids or antioxidants once again when you think antioxidant think anti-aging quinoa is also an excellent source of fiber and minerals like selenium so when we think about fiber and why we want fiber in our diet not only does it help things move through our digestive tract more smoothly.

It’s also really important for satisfying our hunger and when it comes to weight loss I think that’s really one of the number one things is that we can satisfy our hunger feeling satisfied feeling satiated that’s going to be a really important aspect of being able to control how much we eat I just want to show you this brown rice because again whole grains in general are going to be a great part of weight loss and there’s actually been a lot of scientific research done specifically on the correlation between whole grains in the diet and weight loss so you’re really doing yourself a big favor when you replace things like white rice with brown rice and things like white flour with something like quinoa so here I have actually a short grain brown rice.

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