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Health Diet: What’s the best food


The more your brain will actually find i healthy foods more rewarding and you can i start reversing this process of i i associating junk food with being a i reward so if we want to have sustainable i weight loss which is what everybody i wants right because nobody wants to lose i the weight gain it back and then have to i lose i again then we’re going to need to create i healthy habits and rather than going on i a diet for a set period of time and then i i totally letting loose the minute we get i off the diet we actually want to focus i on creating healthy habits that we’re i gonna have for the long haul and most of i us would say.

I’m a creature of habit i know that I definitely feel that way i and the good thing about being a i creature of habit is that once you start i building these healthy habits it’ll i become a habit that you won’t even have i to think about anymore i so rather than focusing on breaking the i bad habits we’re gonna focus on ii developing good new habits and I’m going i to encourage you to start really really i small so something like I’m going to i replace one soda drink or one soft drink i per week.

With a healthy beverage and the i rest you can drink your sodas but one i time per week I’m gonna replace that i that soda drink with a healthier drink i or I’m going to spend one minute per day i doing some physical exercise or doing i some stress relief and you can make i those habits a little more habitual by i doing them at the same time every day or i doing them on the same day of the week i each week so I just want to reiterate i that the more you can give yourself i reasonable goals that you can actually.

I see yourself successfully reaching the i more you’re just gonna build wins and i each time you have a little win each i time you have a little success it’s i gonna propel you forward and motivate i you to keep on going so this tip is to i start creating habits and even if they i are super super tiny that’s actually i going to be more likelihood that you’re i gonna keep that habit if it’s actually a i small habit and a reasonable goal then i giving yourself really outlandish habits i or trying to do something kind of impossible like say I’m never gonna i i drink another soda or I am never going i to you know eat another fast food meal i give yourself reasonable realistic goals i and then you’ll actually reach them in a i future article I’m going to count down the i top i foods that are preventing you i from losing weight and I’m gonna give i you alternative foods.

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