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Hello, Today I hope you’re doing really well today we’re gonna talk all about having a really healthy gut I think this is one of the most important things when it comes to having a healthy happy well-functioning body your gut is almost like your second brain and actually your serotonin which is the happy chemical hormone that makes you feel really good that is mostly produced in your gut so not in your brain but in your gut so we want to make sure that our gut is happy so that it can share that beautiful serotonin with our brain plus your skin is so affected by the health of your guts if you suffer from acne or oily skin or you just want to improve the look and like the glow enos on your skin having a good digestion is key for that so I want to share my tips with you guys these are the things that work really well for me when I’m consistent with these things I do see it in my body my stomach stays nice and flat I don’t have like digestive issues and I just feel better so let’s get started with the first tip now this might be a little TMI but I think it’s really important to talk about this and it’s such a key and having healthy digestion and that is elimination it’s kind of funny how like eating and socializing around food and like consuming food is such a normal and like socially acceptable thing to talk about but like you know the other end like where does that food go that end of the process is something that’s not really talked about.

And I do understand why but I want to go there today because I think it’s so important so my first tip for healthy digestion is to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning this is actually something that’s commonly practiced in the IU Vedic tradition of medicine the way that I do this and a lot of you guys may already know this if you’ve seen my other s maybe what I ate today’s I drink water the first thing when I wake up I have room-temperature water that’s really important you don’t want to have cold water first thing in the morning and I would just recommend not having cold water at all because it’s really not that good for your gut so room-temperature water or sometimes I do warm water it’s a boil some water and I’ll have like half boiled water and half regular water so that it’s a nice kind of like warmer temperature and I will drink that and you guys it sets off my digestion when you drink water first thing in the morning it creates like a natural kind of like flow in your digestive system and it starts to become like a little signal and a little trigger to your body so drinking water first thing in the morning is so so so important.

And also you have just woken up from a really long fast so when you’re sleeping you’re not eating or drinking anything and the first thing that you want to do is rehydrate your body we’re made of almost eighty percent water and all of our selves all of our tissues and organs they need water especially our digestive system and also if you just think about it from your body’s perspective what would you want to receive first thing in the morning you would want something natural something that you can use and you know things like coffee and and food that’s fine but I think first thing is really important to have water when you eliminate first thing in the morning you are freeing up all of that space in your stomach.

And you just feel so clean and like tight and light weight you know you don’t feel like heavy or bogged down I usually wake up pretty early but if we have like a flight or something that’s maybe at in the morning and I still want to do like my little routine and things I will factor in the time that I need to have my water in the morning and go to the bathroom I will not start my day before I go to the bathroom I actually used to struggle a lot with this a few years ago before I got into this really good rhythm I would get ready super fast and I would go and then I would just kind of like wait but sometimes if I was stressed or I had people over or I don’t know like I was on vacation or something I just felt so awful in my stomach and I remember it cost me a lot of stress as well plus if you think about it what you’re eliminating is full of toxins and like old stuff that your body doesn’t want and if you just let it sit in there for too long it’s also not good for your body and you’re kind of like sitting in your own toxins you know so soon as you you want to eliminate that stuff if you start doing this regularly you will get into a really good for them and a really good habit of doing this and it will become like second nature if I’m at home, if we’re traveling whatever the case is I always make sure the night before that I have at least like a liter to a liter and a half of water and I will drink that in the morning I’ll go to the bathroom and then I’ll start my day I’ll do my meditation after that I’ll do my exercise.

I’ll do my journaling my work or whatever it is but that is like the number one thing that I do when I wake up so now I think we know each other a little bit better I hope you can appreciate my honesty and my willingness to provide value to you guys even though it’s something that’s not really talked about a lot but this is something that is key for me with my digestion and that allows my stomach to stay flat allows me to feel really good and lightweight and like not bogged down throughout the day additional little tip as we’re already on this topic when you do go to the bathroom keep your knees up you want to be in the natural position for elimination and that is with your knees upwards also on the topic of water and staying hydrated that is of course such a key I’m personally not a huge fan of drinking a lot of water with my meals I prefer to have most of my water like between them so either before or after I will sometimes have a little bit of water but too much water during your meal can actually dilute the saliva and the enzymes that it takes to break down the food so you don’t want to be like over diluting and overflowing your system with water when you’re eating but like an hour or minutes before you sit down to eat is an amazing time to drink water because you’re loosening up your digestive system you’re lubricating it you’re waking up the cells with lots of good hydration so that’s definitely also very very important to know my second tip for a nice flat tummy and good digestion is to feed the good bacteria in your gut there are prebiotics and probiotics prebiotics are like a good fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut pretty bad come from pretty much all plant-based food so sweet potato is a great source of P biotics the greens are another great source there are certain types of fruits that are good like apples and then there are probiotics which are live bacteria that can be found in yogurts and in like kefir and also in fermented foods like kimchi sauerkraut and kombucha and different things like that so you need a good balance of both for your gut.

There are also certain supplements that you can take that have prebiotics and probiotics one that I really like is called glow it’s the inner beauty powder from the Beauty chef I mentioned this in my recent vlog and I really really love this it’s got a blend of over natural ingredients and you get a minimum of million probiotics per serving there are lots of supplements on the market so you can definitely you know pick and choose which one suits you but this is one that I have really been enjoying lately it’s a with having a good balance of prebiotics and probiotics it’s also really important to eat anti-inflammatory foods inflammation is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to imbalances in the body and most inflammation stems from not having a healthy gut so examples of anti-inflammatory foods are for example cruciferous vegetables which are especially good for the gut so broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts so many doctors that I read about and read books from and just watch like posts and documentaries on they all stress the importance of cruciferous vegetables sweet potatoes are also very anti-inflammatory and it’s something that the bacteria in your gut love and of course most greens are anti-inflammatory you can do some research online and find like the best anti-inflammatory foods and of course on the other end of the spectrum you want to avoid foods that cause inflammation that caused this like disruption in your gut and a lot of you guys probably know about gluten that’s a huge sensitivity for a lot of people for the most part I do avoid gluten but there are certain occasions where I’ll indulge in a nice pasta or I’ll have some bread or I have like you know a cake or something that has gluten in it but I think it’s more about what you do for the majority of your diet so I don’t believe in a completely restrictive % % of the time I would say like to % of my diet is really good like I just enjoy eating clean and healthy but then I do have my moments when I’m not so healthy we’re human we have cravings we socialize we go places where it’s not always easy to find you know super super healthy things specifically if we’re traveling if you know we’re in airports or at hotels or we just want to enjoy a life you know there are those moments I don’t think you have to be so so strict on yourself but in general I try to avoid gluten something else that can cause a lot of inflammation in your body is dairy we’ve spoken about dairy at tons and tons on my channel and you guys know that’s something that I avoid for my skin and there are so many alternatives to dairy products.

These days you can find milks cheese’s butters yogurts ice creams pretty much everything so for me it’s not something that I even like I’m not even interested in it I can’t find those other alternatives if you know I am craving something like that so Dairy is something to definitely avoid or your gut and of course you know highly processed things sugary things soda as things like that and my third tip for healthy digestion is intermittent fasting this is something that I talked about briefly in my last vlog and with intermittent fasting you are giving your digestion a break from eating not necessarily about cutting calories or eating less food but you eat your food in a certain window of time and then you let your digestive system rest for the rest of the time so it works really well for me is I’ll have my last meal at around o clock in the evening and then I’ll have breakfast the next day but I’ll wait until around o’clock to eat that gives my body around a hour and fasting period I’ve been loving the benefits so far and there’s so much information and research that you can read about I think it’s also a really great way to get to know your body better and to start eating more intuitively there are different ways of doing an intermittent fast but I think just like the principle of not overloading your digestive system you know for the whole day is really important I will leave some interesting resources down below in the description box if you guys want to read more about this run to my fourth tip for healthy digestion and a flat tell me that is exercise so exercise is not only really good for just burning excess calories and excess fat and toning up your body from a physical level but if you think about it when you’re exercising you are literally moving your body so you’re moving your organs you’re moving your intestine and it allows all of those tubes to move as well and if you’ve ever seen what the inside of our intestines look like it’s like a very very long winding tube that’s actually such a phenomenal thing in our bodies I think if you stretch it out like if you stretch out the surface of your intestine it’s almost the size of a tennis court but anyway when you are exercising you’re also moving at that tube so you’re facilitating the movement of the food through your intestine and that’s why also doing yoga and certain stretches can be really good if you’re having some issues with your digestive system specifically if you’re just feeling like a little stuck and constipated and that’s because you’re literally moving and manipulating the way that the tubes are moving and on the opposite end of that you can imagine if you are very stagnant throughout the entire day if you’ve been sitting down working at your desk or in school or for me.

I spent a lot of hours on the computer just sitting down editing posts replying to emails working etc sitting down too much can cause your metabolism to really slow down and that can also then have an effect on your digestive tract so making sure you’re getting in a good workout at least like four times per week if you can do it every single day it doesn’t have to be something you know crazy and like a crazy hit class or an intense spinning class of something like that even just going on a walk just to move your body get the blood moving get your metabolism fired up and just have like some movement in your body can be really really helpful less exercise will release really good hormones and endorphins in your body which make you feel really good they make you happy they reduce stress and all of that is really important for you know a healthy digestive system this brings me on to my fifth tip which is to reduce stress in your body basically when we feel stressed our body is releasing adrenaline and cortisol all over our body and when we’re in this day it puts our body into fight-or-flight mode so it’s literally diverts a lot of the blood from my digestive system to our arms and our legs to either run from that lion or to fight us it’s a natural self-defense mechanism that’s deeply deeply engraved in the ancient parts of our brain and it used to be a really important response system in our body it kept us alive and you know away from danger but now our bodies are producing this cortisol in this adrenaline which is actually not helping our body in fact it’s causing stress and havoc on our body and can actually cause you to store more fat specifically around your waist area so repeatedly diverting blood away from your di tract can actually cause your gut wall to break down and that can lead to leaky gut syndrome can cause a host of other digestive issues so it’s really important to try to keep the cortisol level as low as possible in your body and there are certain things that I like to do on a daily basis that just helped me to kind of manage that something that I love which I’ve talked about a lot and you guys probably know is I like to meditate I usually do this as part of my morning routine I will take to minutes and I’ll open an app on my phone it’ll either be headspace simple habit is really good as well and there are lots of great meditations for free that you can find on Ayclan.com it’s an amazing thing to do in the mornings and it really helps set the tone for the day it is quite relaxing to sit there but it also teaches you mindfulness thought about just feeling good in the moment of meditation but you know you can take that lesson that you learned or those skills that you’re learning through the meditation and carry them with you throughout the day and that has a huge effect on your stress levels on your happiness on how reactive you are to certain things and also on your focus and where you choose to place your attention so meditation is amazing we also spoke a little bit about exercising which is of course so great for your body and to keep the stress levels low and just in general trying to keep yourself talk positive as well and not being too like negative on yourself because that can cause a lot of and that’s all like self manufactured I mean there’s things that have been outside of us that we can’t always control like you know if your client is late or if the weather is horrible or you know there’s traffic and things like that those are usually out of our control but what’s in our control are our thoughts our environment will we choose to listen to what we choose to read and how we can like uplift and motivate ourselves and also when I sit down to eat I want to eat in a calm and peaceful setting.

I don’t like to eat if there’s like a big discussion or an argument or something going on like I just can’t my stomach is gonna be so upset but I like to take my time when I eat I don’t want to be stressed I will usually sit down and I’ll listen to an audiobook or I’ll watch something nice on Ayclan.com or you know be with a friend I try to have a positive conversation I don’t really like to talk about you know negative things or upsetting things over food because I feel like it has such a huge effect on my digestive system and I just feel like I can’t digest the food properly and especially when I am alone and I’m eating I also try to think about how the food that I’m eating is really going to nourish in my body and the time just to be present and mindful of what you’re eating and not be like in a whole other world and like shoving food down your throat that I think you also eat more intuitively that way as well when you are present and when you are more mindful have you ever noticed if you’re like watching TV or you know distracted by something and you have like food or sweets or whatever I anyway would eat way more than if I was being present and mindful when I’m eating so definitely keep that in mind and what that said as well if you are going to indulge in something with like a cookie or a cake or whatever have a good feeling.

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