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Lidl breaks prices on a very luxury product


During this holiday season, the brands are redoubling their energy to attract consumers and in this race for the bargain, the German brand Lidl has just won an incredible victory.

From Wednesday, December 7, the shelves of 1,500 French stores will see a new product appear usually reserved for the most refined caterers. According to an Ipsos study carried out for the brand, 85% of French people have never bought it and 54% have never tasted it.

It was in an interview with BFM that Lidl’s France purchasing director, Michel Biero, announced the news: “We are in the process of democratizing luxury products. We want everyone to have access to it, not just a Parisian elite. ” What is it about ?
Boxes of 15 grams of caviar will be sold for 9.99 euros, or 666 euros per kilo when it takes between 900 euros and 1,800 for the cheapest kilo on the market. How did they manage this master stroke at Lidl?