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Master Gims: without glasses and with a new style


The singer Maître Gims delighted his fans by posting on his Instagram account, a photo of him without his famous glasses and with a brand new haircut. The comments are unanimous!

If his glasses are his trademark since his first appearances with the group Sexion d’Assaut, Maître Gims often explained their importance: “Basically it was simple sunglasses, I found it stylish. Then success came […] It puts a barrier between me and this world, that of success. My glasses have become a security barrier, a camouflage. Without them I would feel very bad. “

If they refuse to remove them on stage, he decided to reveal his eyes a little more on his Instagram account, to highlight his new look. The star does not show his gaze, but it did not take more to arouse the joy of his fans, as evidenced by the comments. As for his new haircut, it is the “W” of “Warano Style”, in dedication to his song. The successful singer proves that he has a sense of humor and that he always goes after what he does.