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MSG or monosodium glutamate so it’s incredibly flavorful incredibly stimulating amino


Actuality they are they also give us those healthy fats that are going to help fill us up and keep us feeling satisfied longer nuts also give us a lot of minerals so almonds in particular are going to give us magnesium and are known to be really great for supporting the health of the heart we also get vitamin E which is fantastic for our skin and almonds overall are just one of my absolute favorite foods so food number eight is mushrooms mushrooms are a fantastic food for vegetarians and vegans but they’re also a great food for meat eaters as well nutritionally speaking they actually have a similar nutritional profile to animal meats they give us lots of iron.

They give us lots of protein now the cool thing about mushrooms is that they’re low in fat and they’re low in sodium however they’re incredibly flavorful mushrooms actually contain the amino acid glutamic acid and this is the amino acid.

When they use MSG or monosodium glutamate so it’s incredibly flavorful incredibly stimulating amino acid and it’s one of the reasons that mushrooms are so so delicious food number seven is the sweet potato now I’m sure a lot of you are thinking wait a second how can a sweet potato help me lose weight isn’t it one of the more high sugar vegetables and technically speaking yes you’re correct but again like I mentioned when I brought up Cherry’s at the beginning of the article even though you’re trying to eat healthier and have a healthier diet you’re still going to have sugar.

Cravings okay especially if you’re someone who’s used to eating lots of refined sugar which is pretty much all of us so the sweet potato is a really great vegetable for weight loss because it can satisfy that sugar craving and at the same time it’s giving you lots of soluble fiber it’s giving you lots of beta-carotene vitamin C helps to raise our vitamin A levels now it’s recommended that when you eat sweet potato you consume it with a little bit of fat and that actually helps the body.

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