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Nutella enters the biscuit market


Lovers of the famous spread will scream with happiness. After the success of its B-Ready, Ferrero decided to launch a new cookie under the Nutella brand in order to establish itself in this new sector. The recipe tested in 8 stores in France has had exceptional results.

Three years after the launch of B-Ready, a long cookie stuffed with Nutella, the Italian is about to launch Nutella Biscuits, a new round cookie. Five centimeters in diameter, made in Italy south of Naples from wheat flour, the new Nutella cookie contains a heart of spread. Available in a package of 22 cookies, it will be sold at around 3.20 euros in supermarkets.

Ferrero’s goal is to establish itself in a market dominated by the American Mondelez: “It’s an ideal product for tasting and sharing moments. It completes the Nutella B-Ready offer, which is designed more as an individual or take-out product, “explains Matthieu Petit, Nutella B-Ready and Nutella Biscuits product manager in LSA.
Tested for a few months in eight French stores, the Nutella cookie enjoys excellent results with a penetration rate (the percentage of consumers who bought the product) of 23% and a re-purchase rate of 60%.