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Probiotic food or a fermented food so tempeh.


When you get an actual plain yogurt we have no added sugar we have no addedweird sweeteners or anything like that so you can actually flavor this yourself and use it in a wide variety of ways and as well with this you can see that I have a whole milk yogurt this is going to be a much better option it’s going to help satisfy your hunger and also you’re going to be able to actually absorb more of a protein in the yogurt when it does contain those natural fats the last comment I want to make about yogurt is that it’s a great example of a probiotic food or a fermented food so tempeh.

I mentioned earlier is also a fermented food there are vegan versions of fermented foods as well like kombucha and kefir so if you don’t want something that has animal products in it you can still easily get your probiotics without having the dairy food number two is raw cacao and if you’re surprised to hear me talking about chocolate in a article about weight loss let me tell you why first off it’s important to differentiate the difference between your conventional chocolate bar and even a dark chocolate bar as compared to raw cacao powder.

When you hear the words raw cacao what that means is that the powder has not been processed or heated in a lot of cases when you look at the ingredients on chocolate you’ll see the words processed with alkali and that is the process that they use to make cocoapowder which is a lot more shelf-stable it’s going to last longer.

But if you want the health benefits of the cacao bean you need to make sure that you have raw cacao powder or raw cacao nibs you can even get the cacao beans themselves cacao gives us a great amount of iron it is also got the largest amount of magnesium compared to any other food and it gives us fiber so once again adding a little bit of cacao powder to our oatmeal or to a smoothie is a great way to get a little bit of more of that fiber that we really want to have in our diet so that we’re feeling full and so that we’re feeling satisfied when you figure in that most of us crave chocolate anyways if there’s something that we can eat that actually gives us health benefits and satisfies a chocolate craving what could be better.

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