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Reduce Bloating With These Healthy Tips


Hello, I really want to talk about a topic that all women and men experience something none of us like but something we all want to fix and that’s bloating okay so we’re talking about bloating in this video and I’m gonna cover three things three of the main culprits of bloating we’ve got air I know that sounds weird but air is one of them sodium and poor digestion so I want to go through these you can kind of figure out what’s been causing your bloating see if these signs and symptoms match with you and I’m gonna give you little tips and tricks that you can try and experiment with and then you can see maybe what’s causing it because remember whenever you’re trying to treat a problem you don’t want to just put a bandaid on it you want to figure out what’s actually causing it so you can prevent it because wouldn’t you rather prevent it from happening then just treat it every time it happens.

I think that’s a better solution so air seems like a really weird culprit to bloating because obviously we need air to live we have to breathe air but there’s certain ways you can eat drink even breathing exercises you can do they can stop you from holding too much air in your stomach obviously we know that air fills up like picture blowing up a blue and you’re putting air in and it blows up that’s kind of the same we want to think about our stomach so one little trick is government what’s interesting about this and ironic actually is that a lot of people chew gum so that they won’t eat because they feel like it’ll occupy them it stops them from overeating but the process of chewing gum actually causes you to swallow so much air that it can actually cause bloating so if you’re chewing gum and you still feel like you look bloated or feel bloated I would recommend trying like sucking on like a hard candy preferably one that’s sugar-free and healthy maybe like snacking on something really healthy like some organic grapes just something else to occupy you if that’s what you’re trying to do but definitely avoid chewing gum another culprit to adding more air in your stomach is drinking through a straw this is tricky because I like straws when you’re trying to keep your teeth white so it’s kind of like which one do you choose but if you feel like you’re bloated I would really go with you know what the main issue is at hand try not to drink through straws too much especially if you’re drinking really fast if it’s something cold and you have to drink it through a straw even just try slowing down and that could really help another culprit could be the way you’re breathing so if you’re for noticin yoga when they tell you to breathe through your nose and out through your mouth.

You’re breathing through your nose and you want to get more oxygen to your brain if you breathe through your mouth too much it can actually cause you to hold extra air in your stomach and that can also lead to bloating and the last culprit too getting too much air in your stomach is the way you’re chewing and eating your food I’m sure you’ve grown up and your parents have told you to slow down chew your food digest your food this actually has a lot of meaning to it you know that digestion starts in your mouth so as soon as you start chewing you’re actually beginning the process of breaking down food but if you’re like shoveling food in your mouth you’re also swallowing a lot of air and I know this might sound a little weird but this is actually true so slow down a really good habit that I like to incorporate is take a bite put your fork down that way you’re not just like a mindlessly eating and not thinking about it these little things in general can stop you from holding too much air and hopefully stop some bloke from happening so the next thing I want to talk about is sodium so sodium is a big one and this is different from air because now we’re actually talking about water retention.

I don’t know if you remember back to your chemistry class in high school the rules of osmosis water follow salt so if you eat something with high sodium water is gonna follow it and when you’re holding on to water that can lead to a lot of bloating and swelling in fact this might not just be in your stomach area this could be in your feet it could be in your face which is why some people will eat like a bowl of ramen noodles and wake up with a really puffy face a few tips on avoiding salt so it’s not just the salt that you put on your food it’s actually the last culprit because that you can control how much you’re eating it’s really in the foods that you’re eating out so when you’re ordering out you don’t know what they’re putting on that food you have no control over it and really at a restaurant their main job is to just make it taste good so something to keep in mind with sauce is anything that’s like really heavy on cream sauces tend to have a lot of salt another thing is frozen foods so if you look on the back of any frozen meal even if it has low calorie even if it has low fat most people aren’t paying attention to the sodium and the sodium and itself is what’s gonna make you hold on to that water retention and sodium in general is used as a preservative so it’s very very likely that it’s in almost every you know pre frozen meal you’re having and kind of canned food you know if you wonder why canned food can stay so good on the shelf for so long.

It’s because you’re using salt to preserve it so these little things might make you think you’re eating healthy like let’s say you go buy a can of vegetable soup and you’re like okay I’m eating really low-calorie vegetable soup well it’s so high in sodium that you’re actually just holding on to that water and don’t forget sodium isn’t just about bloating all that pressure in your bloodstream leads to high blood pressure that’s where high blood pressure comes from so it’s actually really a health risk too so we’re gonna avoid frozen foods avoid processed foods avoid canned foods and avoid pickled foods now if you want a pickle here and there that’s okay but overall getting too many foods that are like pickled and salted that’s when you’re gonna hold on to that water retention the last one we’re going to talk about is digestion and this is a really big topic in itself and probably requires numerous videos just to cover all the different things it can be but for the purpose of this video I want to give you guys some tips on if you’re not digesting your food properly I know I’ve personally experiences I’ve watched myself eat a little tiny thing of oatmeal with water and my stomach just go from being flat to bloating and obviously that little amount of food shouldn’t do that but I just wasn’t digesting it properly so little things you can do to digest your food better number one avoid water minutes before in hour after a meal this is tough for a lot of people and I know a lot of people have a hard time believing it when we don’t want to believe it but this is really true water is gonna dilute the digestive enzymes that need to break down your food try to avoid it too close to a meal or at least do the best you can the timing there the other one is a little drink that you can make kind of like a homemade tea that will help you digest your food and you can sip this minutes before meals if you warm up some water add some fennel some coriander and some ginger if you can make it fresh it’s better if not you can get the whole dried herb add a little bit of this to warm water sip it before your meal and it’ll kind of help you digest and break down your food even more as a next step to that you could really go the route of digestive enzymes which can be really great.

They can help you break down your food give you the hydrochloric acid that you need to break down your food I would recommend talking to a nutritionist or a doctor and getting a digestive enzyme that works for you but this is something a lot of people do it can work really well it can really help breakdown that food if your body isn’t digesting it properly and the last one is one of my favorite tips which is to eat fruit on its own so I see so many people combining fruit and like pies and salad as dessert right after meals and the reason I really stress this tip is because I feel like anyone who’s doing that is trying to make the healthier decision by eating fruit because fruits so good for you but really truly combining it with other foods does not work well in your in your gut fruit is broken down so quickly that it can’t digest well with other food ends up sitting there and zip putrifying ends up causing a lot of backup in your GI tract and that can lead to bloating and actually lead to a lot of toxic buildup too so it’s more than just bloating so really try to eat fruit on an empty stomach I like to eat it in the morning because it’s easy I don’t have to think about what else I’m eating and I kind of just get my fruit serving in the morning so try all these tips try the air try the sodium and try the digestion if none of these are working then you know I would recommend seeing a nutritionist really figuring out what’s going on I’m a big fan of doing diagnostic testing blood tests seeing what’s going on higher hormone levels are how you’re absorbing food I think the more you know the better and knowledge is always power if you guys want me to go more into digestion and do a video just on that we can talk about probiotics prebiotics all that good stuff let me know in the comments and we can just dedicate a few videos to that specifically also if you guys want to see a list of my favorite foods that I’ve seen help with bloating and my favorite foods that help fight a lot of cravings I’m talking like late night dessert cravings pasta craving cereal cravings you can go to the link in the description or go to get hot and healthy calm.

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