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The return of the Scott Brothers? Reply !


While the famous series The Brothers Scott ended in 2012, many rumors are circulating about a likely return to our screens. Sophia Bush gave the answer in an interview with E! Indeed since the end of the series, all fans have been hoping for a return of their favorite characters. While James Lefferty (Nathan Scott) had mentioned a sequel, Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) spoke on this subject.

Sophia Bush, currently filming for the Chicago Police Department, said: “If the stars line up and the producers who have other jobs and the 15 actors could be free for an episode, that would be cool. I don’t know how it could work but it’s always very flattering to know that people want a sequel ”

Shantel Vansanten playing the role of Quinn in the series is also very supportive: “It would be great. I love Rob (Robert Buckley who played the role of Quinn’s boyfriend Clay, the editor’s note) and I would love to work with him again “So what about you? For or against the return of the Scott Brothers? Response very soon