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Top 10 Foods for Diet Tips, Vegetarian


So if you can stop looking for that quick fix then that’s gonna actually help you lose i weight because you can be a lot more realistic with yourself and a lot more realistic about what’s actually going to help you lose weight and what’s actually just wasting your money.

If you are stressing yourself out over losing weight loss then that stress could be the very thing sabotaging your weight loss efforts realize that when your body is stressed out your body’s going to i prioritize the basic functions like immunity and digestion and it’s going to put things like fat metabolism and muscle formation on the back burner so even if you’re working working out a whole lot if you’re really stressed out i then your body is not going to be burning fat as efficiently as it would be.

If you are managing your stress and you weren’t so stressed out so make time i for relaxation and stress relief another important way to keep your cortisol levels low is by eating more slowly i eating more consciously paying attention to what you’re eating rather than multitasking a million different things while you’re eating and driving or eating at your desk or i something like that and if you aren’t.

Working out then you need to be working i out because just a sedentary lifestyle is another thing that can contribute to i our body being stressed out one of my i favorite tips is that if you can’t make i time for physical activity then find i ways to make your daily activities more i i active so things like doing calf raises i and squats i while you’re brushing your teeth or i while you’re washing the dishes or i taking the stairs instead of the i elevator making time for stress relief i and making.

Time for physical activity is i a really important part not only of i overall health but also of losing weight i extreme hunger is really our enemy if i we’re trying to lose weight because when i we get really frantically extremely i hungry we’re going to be i times more i likely to make an unhealthy decision or i to resort to those convenience foods i that we know we should avoid so junk food fast food vending machine food etc and we’re going to have a lot more strength in resisting those convenience foods if we don’t let ourselves get just incredibly incredibly hungry so snacks are the primary way to prevent that from happening right if we carry around some healthy snacks with us then at the point that you start feeling really hungry you can munch on an apple or an orange eat i some nuts eat an avocado eat something i that is going to tide you over until you can make a healthier meal choice and as long as we have an alternative to those convenience foods those really unhealthy i convenience foods then we’re going to be able to resist them a lot easier than if we’re just trying to resist them and i deal with the hunger right because it’s really hard to mind-over-matter overcome your hunger so healthy snacks are my next tip if you want to hear of more of i a discussion on snacking and whether or i not to snack I have an entire article on i that topic but the tip I want you to i take with you is to start carrying i around healthy snacks in your purse.

So i you have them with you all the time to i give you an alternative to those i convenience foods that often get the i best of us i stop rewarding yourself with junk food i and start rewarding yourself with i healthier foods so oftentimes this is i something that actually starts in our i i childhood where at school will receive a i piece of candy for a good grade or maybe i our parents will take us out for ice i cream and what this does is it kind of i conditions us to associate junk food i with a reward and so it actually i activates the reward pathway in our i brain every time we eat junk food so the i good news is that you can recondition i their reward pathways in your brain and i this is really pretty easy to do so you.

I just want to start rewarding yourself i with healthier food so after a long i stressful day or after you succeed in i something you get a good grade on i something or you complete a project i reward yourself with something healthier i so maybe it’s just a healthy version of i something you would already eat like a i cookie or a piece of cake but you just i want to make sure that it’s not this i frankenfood toxic sludge kind of a thing i with a really long ingredient list you i can actually find cookies that are made i without high fructose corn syrup that i i are made without enriched flour and that i aren’t these processed food toxic sludge i nightmares that I talked about earlier

I another way you could think about this i is just replacing your unhealthy foods i with healthier foods so steamed carrots i with cinnamon is a way that I love to i i satisfy my sugar craving for instance i another example would be fruit and i whether you want to just eat the whole i fruit by itself or you want to have a i little fruit Medellin or something like i that eating fruit is gonna be way way i WAY healthier than eating a candy bar i drinking a soda or something like that i so the more that you just start to i reward yourself with healthy foods.

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