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What is the best way to lose weight are there foods we can eat that can actually assist us in our health and weight-loss journey today you’re going to find out today I’m counting down ten healthy foods for weight loss so these are foods that have a lot of nutritional benefits but they are also going to help us control our weight.

Today I’m goingto talk about why each of these foods can be a big part of helping us obtain our weight loss goals if we’re trying to lose weight it’s going to be really important that we eliminate refined sugar and candy from our diet but we will still have that inevitable sweet tooth so food number ten is cherries now the reason that cherries are on my list is because we still are going to have that sweet tooth that we need to satisfy in some way so when we look at the different fruits cherries is actually one of the lowest glycemic or lowest sugar fruits which means it gives us.

Fiber it gives us lots of nutrients and it’s going to be one of the healthiest ways to satisfy a sweet tooth cherries like any of the deep purple fruits that are out there are also going to give you a lot of antioxidants when we think antioxidants we think anti-aging so cherries are a great healthy food for weight loss food number nine is almonds so almonds give us grams of protein per cup now we don’t often think about nuts as an exceptional source of protein.

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