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Vitamins enzymes antioxidants and I really could just probably do an avocado


To better absorb beta-carotene food number six is the avocado and if you’ve been watching my articles this is probably not the first time you’ve heard me talk about avocado one of many wonderful things about the avocado in addition to how versatile it is is that the avocado is actually so low glycemic or causes such a minimal spike in our blood sugar when we eat it it’s actually so low-carb that they don’t even give it a value glycemic index so when we’re talking about a way to satisfy our hunger with some good healthy fats but in a way that’s not going to increase our blood.

Cugar levels causing the insulin response that causes weight gain avocados are an excellent food for that purpose again they offer other benefits like vitamins enzymes antioxidants and I’m really I could just probably do a whole article about the avocado it’s one.

My favorite foods and a great way to satisfy hunger so you can avoid overeating so food number five is edamame or soybeans so this is what the soybeans look like in their natural state and if you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant or sushi restaurant you’ve probably seen edamame before edamame gives us grams of protein per cup now among the legumes we get lots of different health benefits and just as a general rule of thumb legumes or beans are a great source of protein I did want to just show you though this edamame or the soybean in its natural state now soy has become a really common ingredient in processed foods so you’ll see things.

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