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Today I want to give you ten easy ways to lose weight so I want to i start out by asking you a question do i you consume products like these that have the word diet or have the word light on them do you think that they’re helping you lose weight today I’m going i to give you ten easy practical tips that will help you lose weight and I’m going to tell you the truth about products like these at the root of weight loss live hunger and my first tip is to learn how to control your hunger so that hunger stops controlling you it’s gonna be a lot easier to live our lives if we’re just not feeling hungry all the time then if we’re constantly hungry and i we’re constantly trying to resist eating i foods.

So I have a couple articles that i talk about controlling hunger the i primary thing is eating whole natural i foods as long as you’re eating a diet of i processed foods you are always going to i feel hungry you’re never going to really i feel satisfied eating a lot of refined i carbohydrates and sugar is also going to i contribute to you never really being i able to satisfy your hunger but once you i can actually satisfy your hunger and i achieve that feeling of being full i that’s going to be the first step to i really losing weight the calories that i we drink are perhaps the most insidious i calories that we consume because we i don’t associate sugary drinks with i weight gain the way we associate candy i bars and hamburgers with weight gain.

But i you can just imagine that big gulp on i your thighs because sugary drinks do i turn into fat and do cause weight gain so giving up sugary drinks is a really good way to start losing weight because you’re going to cut out a huge amount of sugar and calories that you may not even i be realizing you’re consuming another i note about this mountain dew it contains i grams of sugar and carbohydrates i which is actually more than a candy bar i so replacing the soft drinks and even fruit juices which are also really high in sugar with healthier beverages is going to be a really good idea realize that water is the only beverage that’s really going to satisfy your thirst if your feelings thirsty with the exception of coconut water which is also a healthy i beverage you can also drink tea you can drink kombucha you can drink water that’s flavored.

With fruit or flavored with cucumbers for instance and i all of these beverages are going to be way healthier than your fruit juices or your soft drinks so let’s talk about the i sugar free and diet products that people often replace their sugary beverages and foods with so realize that the claims i made on the front of the label like i sugar free diet light healthy choice i they’re there for marketing purposes i only but you’re smarter than these marketing people.

So you actually want to look at the back of the food and what you’ll see oftentimes is a really long ingredient list like this one and recognize that when you see that really long ingredient list you are about to eat toxic sludge and whether or not you really care about being healthy let’s say all you care about is losing weight realize that the toxic sludge still isn’t going to help i you these products also contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame and actually all three of these products.

Right here all three contain aspartame and aspartame is known to have toxic effects and it also contributes to blood sugar metabolism issues and in general is not going to help you lose weight so i sometimes people will ask me korrina how i do you resist these processed foods i they’re super convenient they’re super i cheap and I tell them well it’s kind of i like asking how I resist i toxic sludge I recognize that these products not only aren’t gonna help you lose weight but they are really really unhealthy on top of that be smarter than the marketing guy and don’t just trust what’s on the front of the label and look on the back of the label chances are if you are trying to lose weight i then you eat a lot of fat-free and nonfat products like skim milk or margarine for instance and even though they demonized fats over the last couple decades they told us that fats cause.

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