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Yoplait Greek yogurt now the thing about Greek yogurt is that it uses fat-free milk


It may look a little different from what you’re used to which might be the long grain brown rice but again all the different grains have a wide variety of minerals and it’s going to be in your best interest to get a variety of these different grains and seeds in your diet so in slot number three I have the only non vegan food that I’m showing in this article and it’s not because.

I particularly think that yogurt is such a miracle weight-loss food but I think it’s a really important point to address the difference between Greek yogurt and that I would consider a healthy yogurt so I want to start by looking at this little Yoplait Greek yogurt now the thing about Greek yogurt is that it uses fat-free milk so that ends up looking like something that’s going to help you lose weight because it actually has fewer grams of fat but the truth of the matter is that when we look at dairy products and really any food for that matter that naturally contains fat you actually need the fat in that food in order to digest the protein that is in the rest of the food so when you use fat-free milk whether on its own or whether in the context of yogurt you’re actually not doing yourself a favor.

I also have to point out that on these little packaged yogurts like this if we take a look at the ingredients we have sugar within the first three ingredients we also have artificial sweeteners which are known to actually make you crave more sugar and are known to make people actually overeat okay so anything with artificial sweeteners in it just no that’s not going to be helping you lose weight and in my opinion that you’re not healthy either okay but when we compare that to this yogurt this White Mountain yogurt you can see what a drastic difference there is and the ingredients.

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